I haven’t written a new post in quite some time. In fact, my last one was from November, while I was still abroad. I’ve been home almost a month.The thing is, I like my freedom. I like writing when I want to. When I feel inspired. I don’t have deadlines to meet. I don’t have a company emailing me saying my article’s late, why don’t I post a “Top Ten GIFs that Made Me LOL” list? Because to me, that’s not writing. I don’t write for a company or for people to read or for my blog to become “famous.” I write for myself. If you read it and enjoy it, that’s great. You and I probably get along quite well in the real world.

Adjusting back to American culture was difficult. I was on a different continent. A different time zone. I would be able to drive my own car, not wait for a bus or train to hopefully come at the time listed on the schedule. I didn’t need to pay bus fares, but I’d have to start paying for gas again. And oh, Christmas was the following week. Better jump back into work!

Still not fully adjusted to the time difference and actually being home, I went back to work.

And I spent Christmas sick as a dog. Once my fever hit 103 degrees, it was time for the doctor. Strep throat. Welcome home.

Once I was no longer contagious, back to work I went. New Year’s Eve was coming up and EVERYONE needed a fancy cheese tray.

I got sick again, but thankfully this wasn’t contagious either.

I started an online course on the 3rd. Daily assignments, papers every three days, time constraints on when I could submit stuff. I have two hours or more of homework a day. Plus work. And I still managed to volunteer.

I’ve been busy. And I’m sorry. I hope once the school year starts, I can write again. And I hope you’ll bear with me.

Coming home was great. I missed my family, friends, and my pets.
Coming home to all the responsibilities right at once, still not a fan, but I’ll be okay.

It’s just another day.
(And I’m always one day closer to graduation!)