We’re Gamma Sigma, couldn’t be prouder! If you can’t hear us, we’ll yell a little louder!

If you go to Moravian, you may have heard a group of girls and guys scream this. Especially at homecoming. But like a majority of Moravian, you don’t know who we are.

Our small campus offers many different Greek sororities and fraternities to join – which is great. Except the spotlight is only on the social ones. People have never heard of Gamma Sigma Sigma, but we’re trying to change that.

Simply, Gamma Sigma Sigma is a SERVICE sorority. Our main focus is to volunteer in our community and make a difference. We are considered a sorority, but we are open to all genders. We don’t discriminate. If you want to be a part of our group, you’re more than welcome to come home.

Our top five charities are Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, March of Dimes, American Red Cross, and the American Cancer Society. We also get involved in our school’s Relay for Life. Gamma Sigma Sigma even fronts the infamous Staycation during Spring break. Our sorority is always open to new ideas that members bring up to get involved with. Every semester with us brings new volunteer opportunities.

People ask if we have a house. Sadly, with the construction of PPHAC, our house was destroyed. We do have a suite in the Hill (currently 5A), which is open to all members for housing. You can also swing by if you need a place to study or you can hang out in our office on north campus(once you’re a full member that is!).

What happens when you join? Well you get roughly 30 brothers and sisters who love you and support you. Even if you don’t know everyone very well, you can easily sit with them and feel welcomed. If you need someone to talk to, no matter what it is, we are all here for you. We will celebrate your accomplishments. We will be there when times are tough. And we will be the ones motivating you to finish that awful twenty-page paper for that  lit course you took.

Our sorority, since it is open to anyone and everyone, has a diverse group of members. Everyone is unique and we accept those differences. Correction: We EMBRACE those differences. Some of us like to consider ourselves a bit nerdy (if you like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Pokemon, and so on you’ll fit right in). Even if you don’t consider yourselves nerdy or a bit quirky, you’ll still find your niche with us.

I joined Gamma Sigma Sigma on a whim. It was the best choice of my college career (besides choosing to come to Moravian!). Here, I found my family away from home. Whenever I needed someone to push me further, to take chances, I knew my sisters and brothers would be behind me cheering me on or picking me up if I fell. Because of them, I took on leadership positions, I jumped out of my comfort zone, and I chose to study abroad in a country where I knew absolutely NO ONE.

Why not give us a chance? Let your voice be heard and bring our your inner-nerd.

Welcome home future rosebuds!