Today I received proofs of my graduation photos. I truly am graduating in just a few months. And I don’t have a plan for post-grad life. Do I want to go back to school? Sure, but not right away. I need a break and the time to save up for grad school. Do I enter the workforce right away? I’ve been working while going to school since I was 16, I deserve a mini-break, correct?

What you do once you leave college is difficult for almost everyone to decide. You may realize that you should have majored in another subject. A month into your “dream job,” you realize that this isn’t the field or type of work you want to be involved in.

And I believe that’s completely okay.

Yes, we just spent X amount on the degree and X amount of time earning it, but no education is truly worthless. Throughout the course of that degree you learned more about yourself and what you want (and what you don’t). You also learned various skills that can be used in everyday life.

The best part? Once you earn that B.A. of Business Management, you’ll always have it. You earned it and it’s rightfully your’s to show off and use as you please.

If you need direction, like I do, there’s always a source to help you out. I’ve visited the on campus career center multiple times to vent and group-think. We have discussed┬ámy values, my goals in life, and what type of company I’m searching for. I have a few ideas, though nothing set in stone. Some of them I never would of thought of without their help.

My plan for after graduation? To take a week to myself and hopefully obtain an entry-level position with a non-profit organization. Will this change between now and then? Absolutely. Nothing is concrete as of yet, but I know I have the skills to accept whichever path life puts me on.

Graduating is terrifying. I get that completely.
Thankfully, we never have to face that fear alone.